Fiduciary Services Fiduciary Services

Each year, an increasing number of investors around the world are attracted by international financial centers to establish business in the form of an International company, trust, mutual fund or insurance company.

It is estimated that around 60% of the world's wealth is held in International accounts by using such companies or trusts and that around 50% of the world's trade in goods is transacted through various International centers.

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  •  Structure and jurisdiction advice based on analysis of future needs
  • Incorporation and registration of corporate entities in all major jurisdictions
  • Registered address facilities / Agent Services
  • Directors and Company officers
  • Nominee holders of shares or other assets
  • Maintenance the statutory records
  • Corporate structuring and administration of foundations and trustees
  • Administration and day to day running of corporate entities.

Banking & Alternative Payment Services Banking & Alternative Payment Services

Financial services and banking are witnessing the latest vibe of the fourth industrial revolution. Innovative and cutting-edge systems are being integrated to personal and commercial finance; and this is changing the game.

International banking in a safe and confidential structure that connects you to the global financial network; from the bond markets of Korea to the stock exchanges of Eastern Europe, from ultra-private Liechtenstein trust arrangements to the most successful funds; from unique commodity investments to Caribbean corporations, from Israeli nanotech start-ups to age-old European blue-chips.

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  • Opening of corporate, trust and personal accounts
  • Administration and maintenance of bank accounts
  • Processing gateway credit cards payments 
  • Complete B2B Online Payment Solution 
  • Merchant account 
  • White label payments gateways 
  • White Label solutions including forex broker license, forex company formation, forex company bank account 

Yacht & Aircraft Services Yacht & Aircraft Services

High-value yachts and aircrafts are acquired for leisure but for investment as well. As a result, they can be a magnet for consumption and related taxes when used in the EU.

We provide expertise in managing high-value assets and remain responsive to the conditions that can affect our client's needs.

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In Shipping :

  • Tax planning, structuring and restructuring (legal, finance and operational structure)
  • Registration of shipping companies (shipowning, charterers or shipmanagement)
  • Registration of holding and/or finance companies registered companies
  • Payroll services and accounting outsourcing

In Airwave :

  • Implementing tax-efficient ownership structures
  • Drafting leasing agreements
  • Preparation of annual returns and provision of statutory administration
  • Aircraft registration on the Isle of Man or other registers
  • Management and administration of ownership structure
  • Liaising with legal advisors and brokers in respect of purchase and sale
  • Preparation of periodic management reports and annual financial statements

Fund Administration Services Fund Administration Services

Flexi Fund Services..... is a proactive, highly experienced and independent firm based in Cyprus. We specialise in the administration of regulated and unregulated funds Corporate Management Services, Fund Set Up & Fund Structuring Services for traditional and alternative investment funds. 
With a longstanding, professionally qualified team, Flexi is able to deliver a consistently high level of service to its clients.
Our reputation t's built on our quality service, global network, personal approach, reliability and responsiveness.

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  • Fund Structuring 
  • Fund Administration
  • Directorship Services
  • Net Asset Value ( NAV ), performance fee, carry and incentive fee calculations 
  • Day-to-day administration services to the fund and related vehicles
  • Fund Accounting 
  • Regulatory Reporting and Compliance 
  • Transfer Agency Services 

Financial Regulation & Advisory Services Financial Regulation & Advisory Services

From small-sized enterprises to multinational organizations, local and global actors are facing new challenges brought by changing trends in tax and legal regulations

We help organisations to address their biggest challenges. We'll support you to transform your business, innovate and grow, reduce costs, leverage talent and gain a competitive advantage.

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  • Advice to clients seeking to establish or restructure international operations
  • Advice and implementation of business start-ups
  • Advice on tax relating to group organizations
  • Tax planning for high net wealth individuals
  • Licensing application to the Regulator for Cyprus Funds
  • Licensing application to the CBC for Electronic Money Institution / Payment Institution  
  • Licensing application to the National Betting Association 
  • Risk Management and Capital Adequacy Reporting and internal Audit   
  • CRS and FATCA compliance services

Direct & Indirect Services Direct & Indirect Services

Globally, governments are increasingly imposing indirect taxes. Since several years, businesses have been witnessing the importance of indirect taxation as governments have embraced the shift from direct to indirect taxation. Within the European Union, many governments have significantly increased their VAT rates over the past few years to offset cuts in direct taxation and shortfalls in social security contributions in an attempt to balance overstretched budgets.
As a result, businesses that do not successfully manage their indirect tax position face the risk that their profitability decreases, that their cash flow requirements increase and that their compliance risks become critical.

Our Tax specialists understand that the most effective global tax strategies are those which are aligned with a company's overall business objectives and the way the company operates.

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  • Corporate structuring, tax and VAT planning
  • Advice on double tax treaties
  • Advice on the structuring of tax affairs
  • Determining the most tax efficient way to structure your foreign business
  • Structuring the funding of your overseas business, incorporating local tax laws
  • Managing an effective tax rate and the timing of your transactions
  • Providing expatriate tax services

Second Passport Services Second Passport Services

EU citizenship can/will protect your freedom of enterprise and expand your investment horizons

Cyprus is a top-tier destination in surveys and research on the list of countries that are best to operate, live, work or retire in. Its popularity stems from several factors, such as an, EU member state status, efficient taxation system, wonderful climate, good infrastructure, low cost of living, good airline connections and many more. The Cyprus citizenship by investment scheme is the most recent step towards keeping the country on top of the lists.

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  • Granting of Cyprus, Malta, UK Citizenship
  • Immigration Permits
  • Residence Permits
  • Second Passport

Trademark & IP Services Trademark & IP Services

A good IP strategy is essential for realizing the value of intellectual creative work, and Flexi will support you in achieving this goal .

IP rights may be patents, trademarks, design rights, copyrights, trade secrets and protection.These rights often represent a significant asset to entrepreneurs, inventors and companies and it is vital to protect this asset by registration or taking other steps to enforce these rights effectively.

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  • Cyprus IP structures
  • Advice on the acquisition, registration and protection of all intellectual property.
  • IP valuation
  • IP related substance
  • Advice on all tax aspects under Box Regime