On 2 November 2018 the Central Bank of Cyprus (“CBC”) issued a revised Circular titled “Shell companies/ Entities”, through which it sets out the definition of shell companies and clarifies in which cases a bank in Cyprus is permitted to engage in business relations with new as well as existing Cyprus and foreign companies. This Circular applies with immediate effect.  

Cyprus law allows for the redomiciliation of companies, through the transfer of their registered offices both into and out of Cyprus without creation of a new entity and without the need to dissolve. This is a valuable tool for companies wishing to change their jurisdiction of incorporation, while maintaining the same legal identity.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR PRESENTATION

The aftermath of the recent global economic turmoil has left no room for ignorance of tax and legal risks in the corporate finance market. Therefore, multiple European and international legislation impose increased scrutiny and compliance supervision on Nations tax authorities.  

Strategically located at the crossroads of the Middle East, Asia and Europe, Cyprus boasts a unique blend of both Western and Eastern cultural influences.

Cyprus enjoys 340 days of sunshine a year and boasts a coastline of endless golden sands.

The sun-soaked and friendly island offers a unique living experience combining a safe environment, modernity, taste and work-life balance, where an agreeable and stress-free lifestyle should absolutely be taken for granted.

For the twelfth year in a row Cyprus tops the rankings in Europe for the ratio of beaches that received the “Blue Flag”, to the total number of beaches in the country.

For a smooth relocation to Cyprus, this brochure provides an overview of all the aspects of living and working in Cyprus and more……  

“as from the tax year 2017 an individual who spends 60 days in Cyprus can be considered a Cyprus Tax Resident”  CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR PRESENTATION

We are a team of experienced professionals, All united by something unique - Flexi Group of Companies a drive, a passion, a focus on learning and development, to being part of a team.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR PRESENTATION

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