Who We Are

Amidst a crisis-ridden economic environment, an unprepared organization can very quickly find itself belly-up… but a well-prepared one will bring out its true strengths. At Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Ltd, our business is led by our fundamental principles and targets the success of our clients.

Professionalism, Integrity and Commitment 

We are a team of experienced professionals, all sharing a unique drive for learning and development through teamwork.

Our collective experience spans the areas of global corporate and fiduciary structures including the provision of nominee and secretarial services, advising High Net Worth individuals seeking to protect their wealth, consulting encompassing direct and indirect tax requirements, tax planning, compliance and tax audits on a global basis.

As a result of our outstanding performance and reputation in global corporate services, we have successfully provided outstanding service to multinational corporations, banks, law firms, Shipping companies financial institutions and high wealth individuals. Our success is entirely attributable to our people that allow us to achieve the highest level of excellence.

We Commit, We Comply, We Promote

We are committed 
To delivering quality services of the highest caliber, duly appropriate to the needs of our clients and reflecting our professional capabilities.

We comply
With the laws, regulations and standards that apply in our professional field.
And constantly anticipate and adapt to the latest regulatory changes.

We promote
Our Global Code of Conduct is our mantra...And we always make sure, through personal leadership and business practice, that all our operations and day-to-day activities adhere to the Code. We unanimously behave in accordance with the principles set out, and we encourage consultation and seek advice from the resources available so as to assist in the application of the Code.

Code of Conduct

We build relationships based on trust and the confidence in each other’s personal and professional commitment to do the right thing.

We are committed to communicating openly and honestly.

We are committed to teamwork and are personally accountable to team members for the contributions we make.

We consult with each other and value the perspectives of those who are different from us, as well as those who challenge our own point of view.

We encourage and support the professional development of our colleagues and promote individual achievement and continuous learning.

We expect and deliver feedback regularly, candidly and constructively.

Our Strength

Personal Touch

Since its foundation, Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Ltd has been adding to its ranks by using the personal touch.

The personal touch with which we enhance the specialist corporate, legal, tax and banking services, and with which we provide individual attention towards your business success.

Our History

Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Limited has for many years supported International companies and represented many individuals from different nationalities, mainly from Europe, Russia, the United States and Asia.

Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Limited has been dealing with International companies and answering their diverse and specialized needs for over 18 years throughout the Middle East, Europe and the Far East. 

It is an owner-managed company, bringing a truly unique personal touch to the services it provides, a rare and sought after feature in the International Business World.

Joseph Vrahimis

Executive Chairman

Joseph Vrahimis is our Founder and Executive Chairman
As Executive Chairman, he has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and development of the firm, and our people, implementing, measuring and refining the strategies to help ensure our continued success.

Maria Vrahimi - Aletrari

Managing Director

Maria Vrahimi joined our firm in 1999 as Managing Director responsible for day-to-day operations in Cyprus as well as business development of the firm.